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Thank you for your continued business! Your feedback matters!
Please help us improve our services by completing our short Client Satisfaction Survey!
Please note that all data collected regarding your clinician will remain anonymous!

Does your therapist help you achieve the purpose for which you sought counseling?
Does your therapist help you obtain necessary skills that will help you handle future problems?
Does your therapists show peculiar interest in your needs?
Does your therapist help you to better understand your needs?
Does your therapist involve you in treatment and or goal planning?
Is it easy to communicate with your therapist regarding requests for service?
Does your therapist show up to sessions on time?
Does your therapist adhere to pre-planned schedule days and times?
Does your therapist provide a therapeutic environment, free of distrations/and or that is quiet?
Is your therapist attentive in sessions?

Thanks for your feedback!

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