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With the stigmas & indifferences associated with mental health & wellness, I applaud you for taking the first step.  Your thoughts and emotions are a part of what makes you unique.  You matter.  Your mental health matters.  HELP IS HERE.

Individuals:  As individual beings, we all experience challenges and emotional behavior that may prevent us from living out best lives.  Maybe you're feeling stuck.  Or maybe you're feeling like no one understands.  HELP IS HERE.  Using a individualized approach that best suites your needs, we can identify and process theses barriers so that you are equipped with the tools to overcome and soar!

Couples/Families:  Sharing a life means meshing together individuality and indifferences.  These indifferences are sometimes hard to accept and even harder to live with.  Approaching situations from an alternative perspective can sometimes be the key to a long, happy relationship.

Premarital Counseling:  As you began your new life together, it's important to identify and discuss those important things that matter.  Using a non-traditional but practical approach, we are able to discuss & process those topics in a therapeutic setting with intent & understanding.

EAP Assistance:  Integrating the unique features of employee assistance programs to assist organizations, families and individuals with challenges on and off of the job.

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COVID-19:  Anxious? Stressed? Depressed? Worried? Unsure? You deserve to be heard! Affordable teletherapy to those affected by COVID-19

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